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Raymondville Rural Technical Center & Small Business Incubator Center

Small Business Incubator Center

Raymondville Rural Technical Skills Incubator Center is designed to assist start up and growing companies. The Center possesses a professional setting at prices designed to give you a competitive edge coupled with various support mechanisms to help your company become successful.

Qualifying procedures


    • You must have a business plan, or business plan out-line
    • A background check will be performed. Each business will be reviewed for progress every three to six months

    • Thirty day lease term allowing for easy exit or growth, relieving the business from a long-term lease obligation
    • A professional environment at an affordable price. The space are high end in design, and include a reception, conference rooms, security system, ample secure parking, break-room, presentation equipment, copier and restrooms. The concept is to provide tenants a professional look.
    • The qualifying business can start off as low as $1.00 per sq. ft. per month. The rental rate will increase on the 24th month of lease to $2.00 per sq. ft. per month. These rates include water, electricity, and fully furnished offices.
    • Other cost to tenants include: Telephone services for $25.00 per month, liability insurance, and high speed internet/wireless for $25.00 per month.
    • You will have access to the resources listed below:

    Development Corporation of Raymondville, Inc. Chamber of Commerce, Workforce Solutions and the University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost College.

Office Space Available by Sq. Ft.


169 Sq. Ft.


169 Sq. Ft.


286 Sq. Ft.


165 Sq. Ft.


263 Sq. Ft.

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Small Business Incubator Center

The following are Businesses located at the Small Business Incubator Center:


Member Service Representative

Bonnie Mejia

Office: (956) 621-3716

Fax: (956)689-9102

Mr. Gutierrez


Brenda Guerrero

Office: 956-689-3412

Fax: 956-690-0285


Elma Chavez, Executive Director

Office (956) 689-1864

Fax: (956) 689-1863